Nilai, 7 August 2023 – Mention@JUU programme is a programme inspired by Madam Yuhani Jamiran, USIM Legal Advisor which aims to provide exposure and experience to students of the Faculty of Law and Syariah (FSU), USIM regarding the scope of duties and responsibilities of a legal officer that work as an ‘in-house counsel’.

This programme has started to be implemented in collaboration with FSU in 2022. In the beginning, only four students participated. However, due to positive responses from students and the faculty, JUU intends to make the Mention@JUU Programme a signature programme of JUU and continue for the next coming years. This year, a total of eight students had been selected to participate in this programme. The selection of students was made by the Head of the Bachelor of Law & Syariah Programme, Dr. Noorfajri Ismail. This programme lasts for five(5) days starting on 7th August 2023 to 11th August 2023 at Chancellery Gallery, USIM. The students were guided by JUU legal officers from each section.

JUU hopes that the students will be able to put into practice all the knowledge, guidance and advice that has been delivered throughout this course. Hopefully, this platform will benefit students, JUU, and other parties.


Prepared by:
Noor Azirah Ariffin